In 2005, I entered Glamour Magazine's Reel Moment Contest with an essay about an experience of destiny in which I re-met an old boyfriend.

I won the contest and the boyfriend.

My essay "Expecting Him" was made into a short Hollywood film called "Wait", directed by Sting's wife Trudie Styler and starring the incomparable Kerry Washington. Sting and trumpeter Chris Botti won a Grammy for a gorgeous song that they put in the film.

Here is the 15-minute film in two parts on YouTube. Stay for the credits (and Sting's song) to see photos of a real Hollywood ending.


For a few years I had the great good fortune of working on 11 Central, a radio comic strip that ran on National Public Radio. In 2008, the show won a Gracie Award from The National Association of American Women in Radio and Television. At the ceremony in a swank New York hotel, I hugged Chelsea Handler in the bathroom and told her I loved her.

Here are two of the many episodes that I co-wrote.