Thanks for finding me here.

I am a writer a teacher, and a treasure hunter, of sorts. I am always looking for things, whether it's lost pennies on the pavement, bits of jewel-colored sea glass, the right words, or the next good story to tell. 

The love of stories started in my childhood in a factory town in Connecticut but eventually led to my first post-college job as a book editor in New York City.

A few years later a great gust of adventure carried me to Los Angeles, where I landed my next job as a literary agent in an offbeat office on Melrose Ave.

I might have stayed in California as long as the sun kept shining and the surf kept rolling, but ultimately couldn't resist an offer to teach English at a Japanese University. So I stumbled to the other side of the world where, sitting beside a Shinto shrine near my Tokyo apartment, I began to write a short story about my Catholic girlhood.

Two years and many pages later, I had seeded my life as a writer. I had also become restless and, once again, followed my peripatetic heart, this time to Europe and a teaching job in the wee but wonderful country of Luxembourg.  While there, I published my first story.

Many more publications would follow, as would world travel, but after four years of discovering great treasures and pleasures in Europe, the west wind called me home.

That's when life and fate collaborated on my favorite story yet. It features a unicycling psychologist and a trusting heart.

I now live in a Boston suburb with that unicycling psychologist and our two children. I continue to write and teach and sometimes dig for buried treasure.